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From: James Wade
Subject: Face-The-Music Chapter 2This story involves gay teens engaging in sexual behavior. If your not
supposed to be here, you better not read this.These characters are totally fictional, and it is a total coincidence if
you see yourself in here.Face-The-Music Chapter 2By Jamie WadeI was in the darkness again, and it was cold too. I looked down, and my
clothes were on, then I looked to my left, and there was Aaron. "Aaron,
what are you doing here?" He looked at me with anger in his eyes. "Aaron,
what's wrong?""I trusted you, how could you do this?""Do what? I don't understand, what's going on?" Then I realized that we
were at my school in the hallway, and everybody was calling us fags. Then I
looked at Aaron and he looked hurt and angry at the same time."Goodbye Josh""Aaron, wait! What's going on?" Then I heard my alarm clock go off, few, it
was another dream. I've been getting these dreams ever since we left the
beach. I realized that it was real, since Rachel and Tara couldn't stop
talking about how I sang karaoke all the way home. I was so upset the
entire ride home; I didn't really talk at all. These dreams weren't getting
any better either."Hey, get up, you're going to be late for school. Kylie's here by the way.""Ok, thanks mom." I got up slowly, dreading going back to school. I really
wasn't ready for school now, but I guess I got to go. I hopped in the
shower, got dressed, dorki loli bbs sites looked myself over in the mirror, and went downstairs
where my friend Kylie was waiting for me."Hey girl, how's it going?" I gave her a big bear hug."Ha, I'm doing good thanks, how about yourself, was the vacation good?""Doing ok, I'll tell you about it later." pink nude preteen lolita Now let me tell you about
Kylie. See way back when, she kind of had a crush on me, a big one at that,
and she told me. Well, I was really flattered, a girl like her interested
in me, but unfortunately I was gay. She was really cool with the whole
thing too, which is awesome, and we're still friends to this day."We're leaving, ok mom?""Ok honey, have a nice day at school, you too Kylie""Thanks Mrs. Arlington"We headed for my car and got in, and I put in one of my favorite cd's, and
we headed off to school. "Ok, what's going on with you? Ever since you got
back from that vacation, you've been different.""Well, something kind of happened, with a guy on my little vacation.""WHAT! Are you kidding me, what happened?"I took a deep breath, and gripped the steering wheel; this was going to be
a long conversation. So I told her everything, from the karaoke to the kiss
on the beach. She was so shocked; her mouth was open the entire time. By
the time we finished our conversation, we were at school in the parking
lot."And you didn't find him the next day?""No, it was like he disappeared or something""Oh, I'm sorry, that must have sucked, but the kiss was good?""Oh yeah, the kiss was awesome. He was really good""Oh man, I'm so jealous. At least you got more romantic action www newpreteen com lolita
over the
summer than I did"We hoped out of the car, and headed into school. We were greeted by Tara;
it was so nice of her parents to decide to move here, I couldn't take it
only see her like twice a year, this year was going to be great."Hey Tara""Hey Kylie, how's it going Josh; you feel any better today?""I guess I'm ok, I had another bad dream last night""I'm sorry; but just think, this is a new school year, I'm sure there is
someone for you here""I guess, oh well, got to head to class. See you guys lolita aged nude girls at lunch, ok""Ok" They both said at the same time.I headed off to my first class. I looked at my schedule to see what I had,
oh great, English, man I suck at writing. I walked into class just as the
bell was ringing, few, I made it just on time."You just made it Mr. Arlington, have a seat."Man I had Mr. Gregory; I heard he was a real hard ass. This class was going
to be real fun this year, woo, hoo. I sat in the furthest seat from the
front, and just slumped down. Then one of the guidance people came in
telling Mr. Gregory something, and then she motioned for someone to come
in. The boy came in; it was my singing dirty loli nude youngest partner from the beach. Gorgeous
brown hair, the most perfect body, a great smile, and the most gorgeous
eyes that would make you melt right in front of him."Students, this is Aaron Patrick, he is joining us this year from Chivalry
High, in North Carolina. Have a seat right in the front son."Damn that Mr. Gregory, why couldn't he put him in the back with me? I
didn't listen to a thing that Mr. Gregory said all period; I just kept my
eyes on Aaron. I decided to go up to him right when the bell rang so I
could talk to him. Then I heard the blog russian lolitas gallerie
bell go off, but as I was going up to
him, he bolted right out of the classroom; he never knew I was there. I
went out in the hallway, but there was no sign of him. My next class wasn't
that exciting, no sign of Aaron at all, then came my favorite class, lunch.
I went to our favorite lunch spot outside, and there was Tara and Kylie
waiting for me."Hey guys""You seem kind of chipper, what's up?""You won't believe who's in my English class""Who?" they both said at the same time."It's Aaron, the guy I was singing with at the karaoke thing""WHAT!" they both said again at the same time."Yeah, I couldn't believe it. But I haven't seem him since then.""Well, here's your chance, there he is."I saw him walk outside, and was looking for a place to sit. He looked so
cute when he was worried. Then I saw that bitch Brittany go up to him and
start talking."Better hurry up, looks like Typhoid Brittany is stealing your lolita nude child model man.""Bye guys." I rushed up and interrupted Brittany right in the middle of her
sentence. "Hey Aaron, remember me.""Hey, how's it going, I didn't know you lived here.""Yeah, funny coincidence, uh.""Excuse you, I was talking to him.""Well, now I'm talking to him. Why don't you go away and spread your STD's
to someone else.""Oh, your so rude you little shithead."Then she stormed off in a fit of rage. "Serves her right, so how about you
come sit with us." I redirected him to Tara and Kylie, and he came with me."What's with that girl anyway?""Well, lets just say that when you sleep with every guy you meet, there are
bound to be some side effects."We got up to Tara and Kylie, and I introduced him to them."So, Aaron, what are you doing in Starkville?""Yeah, the last time I saw you was at the beach.""Well, my mom's business transferred her here, they opened up a new
building, and my mom is in charge of it.""Well, that's good to here.""Yeah, I tried to find you after the party, but you were gone.""Oh yeah, we had to leave like first thing in the morning. Mom had to do
business lolita bbs jpg preteen at the office first thing.""Oh, ok, and what was with you bolting out of Mr. Gregory's class this
morning?""You're in that class, oh, well I got out of there cause I had to find my
class, and the guidance lady was showing me around and stuff.""Oh, ok." Then I heard the lunch bell ring, time to go back to class."See you guys later, nice meeting you Aaron.""Ok, bye Tara""Yeah, nice meeting you too Aaron.""See yeah Kylie.""What class do you have next?""Um...it's chemistry, I don't know where that is.""That's ok, I can show you. So...um...did you do any singing lately?""No, and about that kiss...""Yeah, that was good. I mean really good.""Yeah, well see, I don't normally do that, I just thought I would never see
you again, so I kissed you.""And if you knew you would see me, you wouldn't have?""Well...yeah.""Oh""It's not like I don't like you, cause I do, it's just that I thought I
would never have another chance with you, so I kissed you. If I saw you
everyday, I would have more than one chance.""Well, here's your class. Why don't you meet me outside in the parking lot
after school, I would be glad to give you a ride home.""Ok, thanks.""Excuse me." I saw Percy Elliot walk into Aaron's chemistry class, oh
great, that's just nice. Percy Elliot is this hot gay guy that gets whoever
he wants, and he can sniff out any gay guy when he meets them, it's just a
gift he has. Now I was nervous, I was about to loose Aaron just when I
found him.I nervously waited till the end of the day, so I could meet Aaron
outside. I wonder if Percy has made his move on Aaron yet, god I hope
not. Then I heard the bell ring, and I raced out to the parking
lot. Outside, I noticed the most horrible sight in my life. There was Aaron
getting into a car that was definitely not mine. I knew who's car that was,
none other than Percy Elliot. Well, there goes the man of my dreams, now
I'll never have a chance with him. I walked to my car, got in, and
completely broke down, crying my eyes out. This is turning out to be the
worst year ever.To be continued...Glad you guys liked my story so far, and as promised, you didn't wait too
long for this chapter, and same with the next one coming. I hope you guys
are really enjoying this story, trust me, it gets a whole lot better.
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